• Natural Spirit Int’l is a dynamic cutting edge organization based on “Connecting the Systems!” Drawing on universal concepts and technical strategies that fill the voids and limitations of over stylized martial arts. Natural Spirit Int’l offers traditional values and progressive tactics that allow the practitioner to utilize their current foundation while expanding the technical base for real world functional results. Natural Spirit Int’l offers Training, Certification, and System Affiliation.
  • The N.S.I. Worden Defense System was developed by Professor Kelly S. Worden. The N.S.I. Worden Defense System offers a solid foundation of proven module based Martial Defense Concepts that focus on guiding the practitioner to become “Self-realized!” Each Module covers a specific attribute developing skill set extracted from some of the world’s most dynamic systems including Filipino Arnis/Kali, Western Boxing, Non Classical Gung Fu, Tactical Knife, JuJitsu, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Jeet Kune Do, Karate, Kung Fu, American Sombo, and the ruthless strategies of Military Close Quarter Combat these proven methods will assist you to develop your own Practical Skills, Gain Functional Results, and Cultivate Effective Strategies for Real World Conflict Resolution! The N.S.I. Worden Defense System is Time Proven, Internationally Recognized, and Formulated to adapt to any and all styles or systems; The N.S.I. Worden Defense System Module Training Approach guides the practitioner efficiently to the path of “Personal Expression with No Limitations!”
  • Invariably, many of today’s Martial Arts programs suffer from an over stylized approach to technical training. Additionally many instructors are teaching watered down and inadequate techniques from modernized traditional styles that over time have evolved into sport oriented systems. Sport martial arts has little to do with true self defense and the modernized sport techniques have no resemblance to the original self-defense methodology formulated for true personal defense systems.




  • N.S.I. Worden Defense System connects the systems to cultivate instinctual response, attribute development, and realistic principles of intent to harness the validity in martial combat and personal defense.

    Students learn real world tactical options are and how to implement them strategically.

    Physical and Psychological Close Quarter Conflict Resolution is handled conceptually with key principles that are time proven.

    The N.S.I. Worden Defense System instructional material embraces cross referencing skill development by utilizing impact weapons, edged weapons and translating potentially lethal maneuvers into a dynamic neutralizing unarmed system of personal defense.


  • No, Self Defense begins now, no matter what physical condition you are in, attacks can occur at any time; the time is now for you to begin taking charge of your life!
  • Practitioners within the N.S.I. Worden Defense System include socially responsible citizens, security personnel, military, police, and lifelong professional martial artists from a multitude of styles and systems. Many of these modern day warriors bring a long list of combat accomplishments and real world experience yet they all have one thing in common; the desire to win at all costs! Professor Worden has earned the respect of thousands of men and women worldwide from novice civilians, professional martial art instructors, to Special Forces Soldiers.


  • Worden Defense System welcomes all styles and systems Mr. Worden personifies “Connecting the Systems”. All those who presently study another system, will see how WDS can enhance what you’re currently offering your students.

Worden Defense System not only offers the most advanced and efficient martial arts training available today, but is a highly expanding reservoir of resources. Based on our commitment of continuing self development, the Worden Defense System offers Membership into a World Class Organization, Worldwide Affiliation, experienced and approachable Senior Instructors who care about your progress.
Exclusive to Worden Defense Systems are the revolutionary self-defense tools the Travel Wrench / Saf T Wrench and Silent Fighter Personal Training Simulator Dummy. The Travel Wrench is the Web’s hottest selling non lethal self defense tool and the only place to get Certification is here with us.