Description: The Silent Fighter training dummy is not a Mook Jong wooden dummy!  NO, It is much more that just a wooden dummy! More durable, more versatile, and offers more dynamic results as a personal simulator for progressive training!

The Silent Fighter dummy is designed to be very versatile, mainly because many practitioners today train and workout with double sticks, single stick, knife, staff and empty-hand, as well as with projectiles and flexible weapons. Thus, comes the need for something strong enough to endure punishment. The Silent Fighter body is made of solid wood, fully padded from top to bottom with close-cell foam, and heavy duty automotive Naughahyde upholstery. The heavy close-cell foam padding will enable hard strikes with most of your striking tools (i.e. punch, knees, kicks). Added benefits of the Silent Fighter include not damaging your training weapons by hacking or crashing on a wooden post. Most importantly, the individual who is striking the center mass will be able to increase the speed and power ratio of their attacks without fear of injury.

For the novice, the padded arms allow striking surfaces to be experimented with; carefully conditioning hand, forearm and elbow impact areas. Progressively, target awareness, weight displacement, sectoring and platforms are all addressed. The Silent Fighter curriculum places emphasis on maintaining adhesion while monitoring pressure and resistance. Although it seems like a lot to expect from a stationary apparatus, the ability to flow smoothly from range to range develops a mobile base and improved footwork create a life like engagement with the Silent Fighter! In no time at all, you begin to discover self-progression and natural flow