"Corto Single & Double Stick to Non-Classical Gung Fu!"

Training Seminar! April 23rd 2017! Featuring insight and technical content from Sonny Umpad's Corto Cadena Escrima; integrated with the Natural Spirit Modern Arnis the close quarter curricula bridges the gap from Largo Double Stick drills and maneuvers into the Medio and Corto ranges of Double Stick and Single Stick tactics. This includes broken timing with Speed Loads, Fulcrums, and Pressure Releases to disrupt the opponents entries., tempo, and cadence during engagement. The truly functional aspect of these maneuvers is the translation into the Non-Classical Gung Fu of Jesse Glover as formulated through the Natural Spirit Curricula. This includes Connecting the Systems into seamless transitions that simply refine the conceptual lines of flow while balancing out the practitioners ability to blend all ranges into a dynamic and functional defense oriented system. Connecting the systems is a logical approach to stimulate solid defensive skill development through self-assessment and adaptability.It is a multi-dimensional path to exploring the inherent overlapping physical dynamics of all martial movements without being bound by cultural stylized restrictions.

Adapting most technical maneuvers to flow naturally is a process of understanding the threat and then establishing personal skill sets that embrace the strategies to identify and neutralize aggressive actions effectively.

Sometimes, style is beneficial but can also inhibit instinctual response time.

The simplicity of the JKD Five strategies of attack is a simplified template that offers guidance to assist in defining threat and response analysis flow. Single Direct Attack (SDA), Attack by Combination (ABC), Immobilization Attack (IA) Attack by Draw (ABD), and Progressive Indirect Attack (PIA). Comprehending your own reactionary tools of engagement is the logic of "a good offense is a good defense!"

Instinct, threat recognition, reactionary speed, physical speed, evasive mobility, positional control, target accuracy, and commitment to neutralize the threat, are just logical components in the breakdown,, conflict resolution comes down to "action is quicker than reaction," but Attack by Draw (ABD) can be the strategy that "sets up the fool who initiated the confrontation."

Any and all arts can bring this scenario to full circle, limitation is based on personal research and the desire to evade, walk, or run,, engagement is often an ego based option but clarity in conflict resolution must be decisive and embrace some comprehension of social and legal ramifications; cameras, witnesses, and cheerleaders are everywhere.

Bring Two Arnis/Kali sticks, two training knives, two Focus Pads, training shoes and training clothes. A short break will allow for hydrating and snack, prepare to get a good workout, a note pad and pencil or pen is recommended!

The Event is at the private Natural Spirit Training Facility, address and location will be provided upon confirmation of registration!

For additional information call 253-678-7658