We’re finally ready to launch I want to thank the folks who signed up via the GoFundMe campaign and thereby helped cover the startup costs. You all, and only you all, will forever be considered Launch Members!

Historically, I’ve trained martial artists, law enforcement, and the military in my private training facility as well as through local, national, and international seminars. Now technology makes it easier to reach even more people. My goal in launching is to make it possible for people from Tacoma to Topeka and from Seattle to Singapore to get the kind of self-defense instruction previously available only in person.

Throughout my almost 40 year martial arts journey I have been working to ‘connect the systems’ in an authentic, real world way that first allowed myself, and then my students to realize success through their own unique strengths and within their own Natural Spirit. Training for sport can be fun, but training for real life, where there is no tap out, stands as the most important training a martial artist can do.

I draw on universal concepts and strategies that fill the voids and limitations of over-stylized martial arts so practitioners can learn true self-defense, from whatever basis they are coming from. Many of my students are already active martial artists from many disciplines, be that traditional, eclectic, military, or law enforcement.  All these systems were truly martial to begin with and I help students self-realize their systems, connecting them in new ways and with new skills to make them effective in real life situations.

Premium members of will get access to countless hours of instructional video from my vault, access to new video training from seminars and in-person classes, as well as discounts on DVD content, seminars when available, and Worden tools such as the Travel Wrench, Safe-T-Wrench, Palm Wrench, and Wortac Tactical Folder.

Keep in mind that Worden Defense System is not about sparring for points or earning belts. Instead, it focuses on hard core compact strategies and techniques more applicable to real life situations in today’s bad behavior world. Don’t wonder whether your self-defense training will make you a body guard for your family and loved ones. By training in Worden Defense System, you won’t wonder; you’ll know. Join me today in the Worden Defense System at and connect the systems for true self-defense.


Datu Kelly S. Worden