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Advantages of the Travel Wrench Self Defense Weapon - Datu Kelly Worden Design

Kelly Worden is the designer of two unique impact tools that provide the vigilant citizen a fist-full of self-defensive power. These tools are the classic Travel Wrench that also is delivered with a free carry clip, and the newly released Saf-T-Wrench. Both are constructed of high-density, nearly indestructible plastic that proves light for carry yet hard on impact.

Its L-shaped frame is directly influenced by the indigenous Filipino knife, the kerambit. Configured with a ring at the top of the handle for placement of the index finger, the Travel Wrench’s ergonomics allow for absolute weapon retention even if one’s grip opens. Its ring extends into a handle and then turns ninety degrees forming a bar-shaped surface positioned at the bottom of the fist. It is with this bar that punishing hammer-fist styles of blocks and strikes can be inflicted. The end of this bar terminates in a protrusion extending beyond the closed-fist allowing for pin-point punching thrusts against the solar plexus, center body mass, bicep-head, or other vital points. Lastly, the finger ring is also a striking surface when a swinging top-fist or ridge-hand type of blow is utilized. The simplicity of use and application make it a natural tool for novice self-defense, karate, kung fu, Jeet Kune Do, Tae Kwon Do, defensive tactics, military combative usage, Aikido, JuJitsu, as well as any other martial art system.

Due to the geometry of these weapons they are capable of inflicting a greater amount of damage than a comparable empty-handed strike. This is due to the fact that the power generated with the impact tool is delivered into a more pin-pointed target. To use an Okinawan term, they generate more kimei; that is, more force and focus into a smaller target area and thus greater damage to an aggressive attacker.

Another advantage in using these weapons is that one does not risk the potential injury that can be incurred when the bare-hand is slammed into a target. In the chaos intrinsic to any self-defense situation, any defender, no matter how skilled, runs the risk of striking at and missing an intended target. In so doing, catching hard skull or other bone by mistake could prove injurious. If such a miss occurs with the Travel or Saf-T Wrench the foe still gets the brunt of the punishment instead of your hand! This is logical rationale for the defense-minded citizen who has not had the training necessary to properly condition the hands for striking, the wrenches generate a harder, and more penetrating blow than any defensive strike could be cause without them.

In utilizing the wrenches, the universal pattern of motion is the diagram for all striking and blocking patterns. Best symbolized by a cross superimposed upon an X, these eight basic angles of attack illustrate the motion dynamics necessary for hitting bodily targets with any close-quarters, non-projectile weapon. Whether the wrenches are used for thrusting, hinging, or swinging strikes, these eight angles illustrate the trajectories necessary for best exploiting the body’s natural weak spots.

In applying such angles against an attack, the simplified applications espouse the Filipino precept of defanging the snake. As defensively designed weapons, the wrenches are intended for use against vital points in the extended limb of a foe’s attack, whether arm or leg. In such instances, the hammer-fist and fore-fist style of blow is incredibly effective when landed with either tool. In this mode both easily cause searing pain, numbness, and serious bruising when targeted to either muscle or skeletal areas of the limbs. Head and body targets are equally ferocious follow-ups that flow naturally in or out of defanging strikes. Logically sequential finishing shots further illustrate either wrench’s decisiveness; anything that gets hit, Hurts! Simple, Direct, and Reasonably Priced!

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