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Mr. Kelly Worden

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Natural Spirit International / Worden Defense System

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Natural Spirit Int'l and the Worden Defense System

is a dynamic cutting edge organization based on "Connecting the Systems!" Drawing on universal concepts and technical strategies that fill the voids and limitations of over stylized martial arts. Natural Spirit Int'l offers traditional values and progressive tactics that allow the practitioner to utilize their current foundation while expanding the technical base for real world functional results. Natural Spirit Int'l offers Training, Certification, and System Affiliation. more 

The information and products contained within this website are a direct reflection of Mr. Kelly Worden’s unprecedented contributions and accomplishments. He is the Designer of the Impact Kerambit Travel Wrench, the Saf-T-Wrench Defensive Tool, the Wortac Tactical Folder and more.

A renowned innovator, Mr. Kelly S. Worden is acknowledged for his martial art contributions by Jesse Glover, Richard Bustillo, Leonard Trigg, while Taky Kimura publicly stated "Kelly S. Worden is an American Icon of Progressive Martial Arts!"

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